Cheryl currently pursues a career in architecture, while being an illustrator ninja at night. After going through 6 years of architecture school, multiple student transfers around Europe and getting into a stable 9-5 job in Australia, she joined an airline as a cabin crew for a year just so she could get paid while travelling.

The experience of travelling with an airline comes with the psychological stress of instability, loneliness and exhaustion; but overcome that and it becomes an immense wealth of opportunity. She firmly believes that self-improvement, happiness and excitement comes from being engaged in the world, and that means going places and meeting interesting people. Imagine exploring destinations off the beaten track (Mozambique? Azerbaijan? Nigeria?) while meeting and working with people of extremely different cultures. She believes that the world is a big, interesting place and if we want to find the perfect plot for our autobiography, we each need to pick up that passport, lace up those shoes and just hit the road.

Her ongoing project on instagram 'travel doodles' has been featured in several magazines & mini exhibitions. She is also the founder of Art For Schools ; a cause utilizing the talents of artists to raise funds to build schools for impoverished children in Laos.

Enjoys collaboration immensely. Ping me!

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